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Before: Aging silver filling.

After: Composite white filling replaced in 45 minutes.

Before: Patient unhappy with single tooth in cross bite but does not want orthodontic (braces) treatment due to time and cost involved .

After: Single tooth porcelain/zirconia crown used to correct cross bite done in 2 visits.

Before: Patient not happy with old bridge.

After: 1 hour in office bleaching followed with new bridge to give a whiter and happier smile.

Before: Young patient with posterior (back) and anterior (front) cross bite and staining.

After: Orthodontic (braces) correction of cross bite to give a beautiful smile.

Before: Patient not happy with appearance of single front tooth due to past trauma and root canal treatment.

After: Conservative treatment involving restoring only the tooth with a porcelain/zirconia crown.

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